Monday, June 28, 2010

Houston... We Have A Tomato

It's always so exciting to see 
the first tomato of the season..
This is a 'New Girl'  and we're so proud!
We are also growing cherry tomatoes,
Roma, San Marzano and a 'Black' Heirloom-
noted for it's dark red fruit and for being one of the 
sweetest tomatoes in it's class.
 We started in April and it was a 
little rough - what with a chilly and rather wet Spring. 
But, now that the Summer is taking on
the hot character they love,
the plants are in full bloom...
if not, a bit out of control and we are 
loving it!
Yes, there are issues such as 
whiteflies and various other little 
buggers (which I have no problem 
chasing off with my bare hands), and the constant
need to reassess the staking but it's all so much 
fun and with determination and dedication
we should enjoy all kinds of tomato
dishes all summer (and we've got a long one here!).