Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Operation Summer Projects

It finally feels like Summer
is here- kids staying up late
and playing in the neighborhood,
outside gatherings with friends,
 good food via the garden and bbq,
sipping wine and watching the stars.
Summer to me is also, 
Project season, you know-
the big and little projects you know you
 want done, can do- but haven't done?
Here is my plan- I found this great little jar
and it is going to be my inspiration
in getting projects started  and completed.
I've decided one project a week (minimum).
Ideally, reach in on Sunday night and 
(depending on prep time) start
on Monday /Tuesday .
Having an open week? Feeling ambitious?
Reach in and take on another one!
Here is a sampling of what I'll find inside...
Re lay stone borders and walkways
Power wash outside furniture
Clean out fridge/detail shelves etc
Write a letter
Reorganize Freezers
Clean window tracks
Reorganize Pantry
Detail baseboards and touch up paint
Clean out / organize bathroom cupboards
Reorganize yard supplies
Go through fall clothes- keep /not keep
Clean out garage 
Bag up non perishables for homeless
Organize photos on computer
Complete alterations
and that= is just the beginning.
OH, BTW- why limit this to myself...
how about husband and and kids?

The possibilities are endless...

Cheers to summer vacation and projects!