Thursday, June 3, 2010

Squash Blossoms and Pizza

It is always such a beautiful surprise
when the first open squash blossoms
present themselves. 
So delicate and vulnerable, with it's
thin, ruffled petals- yet it's largeness
seems look up and say, 'bring it on' and 
'wait til you see what else I can do'!

I always check the garden/potager in the morning 
but I went straight to the zucchini plant today
after perusing an older (March 2010*) 
issue of Saveur magazine over  coffee.

On the cover? 

Pizzeria Mozza of Los Angeles.
This photo is  the cover shot for the issue
and I loved the colors and the textures
from the moment I saw it. 
With the gift of our own blossoms today
I think it is a lovely right of passage to give 
them a beautiful stage such as this.
I love the colorful  rustic, simplicity
of this recipe (link above). 
If you don't have blossoms in your own yard, 
find some at the market (store or farmer's) or even 
substitute maybe with some chard.
But for sure, try it with the 
Burata, we all deserve some creamy
richness every now and then, right?

Oh, and btw- the whole issue* is
 centered around the LA food scene-
my latest obsession!