Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check Your Cholesterol At The Door

Around the West, pretty much everyone
 has heard of, (if not enjoyed)
In- N-Out Burger.  It's kind of a cult thing.
Their menu is one born of simplicity ...or so it seems- 
when you look at the menu offering their
burger, cheeseburger, fries and shakes.
However, there is a secret menu offering up 
combinations many are familiar with and there is a 
super secret menu which few are familiar with...

Of course, everyone knows about grilled onions
but they also will grill whole onion slices.

A new underground favorite is 'mustard-grilled'
where after cooking one side, they squirt mustard on the patty 
before flipping it.

Do you like things spicy?
Ask for 'Chopped Chilies' and if you want them on the side, they'll give 
them to you in a sealed baggie. 

Everyone knows about 'Animal Style'
(grilled onions, mustard, extra spread and pickles)
But how about 'The Flying Dutchman' animal style?
That's with  two patties/ two cheese/ no bun

If you're a fry freak like me ~ 
(frankly, I'm not a huge fan of their fries they remind me of 
Pik-Nik Stix) but they are improved when ordered
'Well Done'   AND  when they are included
in the order as 'Fries Inside'. 

And of course, I usually get a Diet Coke-
you've got to cut out somewhere, but if you like
 shakes with your fries, why should you choose one flavor,
 when you can order all three~ 'Neopolitan style'

Research like this takes time and effort, of course, so 
 this definitely gets filed under the category of... 
it's a big job~but somebody has to do it.
Check out Serious Eats  for these secrets,
ordering tips, insider info and more!

Quote of The Day

All difficult things have their origin
 in that which is easy,
and great things in that which is small.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Than An Actress

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Modus Operandi

Live a creative life
without fear.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luxe Living: It's A Cliffhanger

I love a good view and combined
with cement and a pool, well that's Nirvana.

Ultramodern by design, this fantastic cliff-side residence in Thailand thrusts its occupants into the natural surroundings – forests on two sides, chiseled stone on the third and a sensational ocean view on the fourth. via dornob

             You know when the Ricardos are in Hollywood and 
Fred says to Ethel,
(referring to to movie stars)
"they may be just like us...
but they're not like you and me"?
                               Well, I think this is just like that.       


Quote of The Day

Let's go on a livin' spree-
(cause) they say the best things in  life
are free.
Kanye West

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Morning Ab Fab

Life needs more ridiculousness right now.
Now let's get started.

Quote of The Day

The most completely lost of all days,
is that on which one has not laughed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Laughter Is Always The Best Medicine

No two ways about it, children and laughter are
 what make the world go round and when the two are combined~
all the better.
When I was really little, I would watch (reruns of)
 The Little Rascals,
 there was always something so simplistic and yet,
so wise about their reasoning.

If you have children or spend anytime around them,
you know they can be so vulnerable yet intrinsically,
often skepticalof the world around them.
It is exactly this juxtaposition which I find
so precious here in this video.
Very sound of very light,
Heard from morning's rosiest height,
When the soul of all delight
Fills a child's clear laughter.

Quote of The Day

Reason, Justice and Equity never had weight
enough on the face of the earth to 
govern the councils of men.
Thomas A. Edison

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feelin Jiggy

Leprachaun Gold in stained glass
May today be filled with
fun, frolic and...
Play Safe.

Quote of The Day

What I saw was equal ecstasy:
One universal smile it seemed all things.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bold Moves

I love to use art as a decorating element,
in fact, I find it indispensable.  Yes,
it adds color,  symmetry and of course (or hopefully)...
makes a statement, communicates.
I am not opposed to employing the DIY approach to art-
in fact, I do so quite often. Bold move?
Perhaps, but much of art (while subjective),
 is  part talent, part confidence
and part chutzpah.
On that note, look at James Nares and his
off the charts brush strokes.

He is a London-born artist, filmmaker, and musician based in New York. His paintings are like strokes of calligraphy, magnified and flowing across large format canvases.

To achieve the look, Nares suspends himself over the canvas in a selfmade harness, and paints one continuous stroke using large brushes he developed himself. 

"I found that brushes are like characters in a way: Each one does a different dance."  
Of course, you don't need to hang from a pulley,
have a hand stretched canvas or even expensive materials
to create a work of art yourself, but what you do need is
an open mind and a bit of cheeky confidence.

Quote of The Day

Another green world  - Fine art landscape photograph

If I spent as much time doing the things 
I worry about getting done-
as I do worrying about them, I wouldn't have anything
to worry about.
Beryl Pfizer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiers Of Joy

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been decidedly low-key about the details of their upcoming nuptials—keeping mum on the dress, ixnaying the lavish stag party, and opting for a discreet car arrival in lieu of one by gilded carriage. And yet, there’s one royal realm where restraint doesn’t necessarily mean good taste—that of the wedding cake. Not only is more, well,more, in über-technical baking parlance, but there’s truly no precedent for a modest royal wedding cake. From Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III’s cathedral-esque tiers to Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s flower-sprouting temple, feel free to sufficiently drool over these regal examples.  

via Vanity Fair

 Grace Kelly's 1956

Princess Marina's of Greece 1934

Queen Elizabeth (then princess) 1923
For more photos and details...Vanity Fair

Quote of The Day

Hand Grasps at hand, eye lights eye
in good friendship,
and great hearts expand
And grow one in the sense of
this world's life.
Robert Browning

Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Safes: Don't Try This With A Kindle

Secret Compartment Book - used Buddhist book
Who doesn't like playing hide and seek?
Of course I have my own special hiding places- 
you know, different places for different things-
new dress~ check, 
jewelery (while out of town)~ check
passports and various paraphernalia~ double check
but really how fun (and romantic) is the idea of a book safe?
Hollow Book Safe -  The Bartender's Guide with Flask Cut-Out (flask included)
This is a Bartender's Book btw-love that!

Moleskine Notebook Hollow Hidden Book Safe (The Lottery Winner)
For secrets squared.

Hollow Book Safe - Vintage Encyclopedia
Even secrets at work!

I know, I know, of course there's the safety deposit box,
but seriously, keys are just so... boring.

Quote of The Day

Teach me to trust,  to listen
To open,  and become still
The inner journey is timeless
Endless, accepting thy will.
Dolores Fruiht

Friday, March 11, 2011

Luxe Living: Table Top

Hutton Wilkinson  has made it his life's work to live 
with a "a little too much is just enough" approach to life,
 but then, when you were the protege of Tony Duquette,
nothing less would be expected.

More Is More: Tony Duquette is his second book about the
'the extraordinary, exuberant, eccentric personage who was Tony Duquette.
 The Duquette co-opted everyday elements for his glamorous, luxe,
 unforgettable realms. Wilkinson guides us through Duquette’s more-is-more mélange: interiors, exteriors, jewelry, stage sets, party decor. All reveal Duquette’s preference for abundance without waste. Wilkinson also opens a window onto Duquette the artist, philosopher, traveler, host and friend. He examines the work of Duquette’s beloved wife, Elizabeth, aka “Beegle,” an artistic collaborator without whom Duquette’s world would have been incomplete. Stuffed to the margins with illustrations of Duquette’s imagination in all its fantasy and variety, this book teems — no, explodes — in a vivid, extravagant, elegant celebration of a life.'

Besides the over the top eye candy, the observation
here is that yes, this is extravagance, but with the philosophy
'not everything is rare or expensive'...
creativity is what truly dazzles.

Quote of The Day

Luxury is like a wild beast, first made fiercer
with tying and then let loose.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vintage Collectives: Stuff

Don't you  love going to vintage collective stores?
You know the 'antique' stores that are generally larger
than single owner shops and house a multitude 
of collections from as many vendors. Kind of like
well edited flea market, kind of like a grown up
treasure hunt. A new one has opened up in San Francisco,
aptly called Stuff.

"It's an 8,200-square-foot collective in San Francisco's Mission District with more than 25 dealers peddling very cool items. These are professionals who comb estate sales, flea markets and who-knows-where for real finds. The dealers (the famed Ron Morgan and Christopher Albanese among them) know treasure from trash, and they are selling the good stuff here." via CHD

There is quite a bit of furniture from the 1960's
Plus, plenty of furniture variations, framed artwork,
 decorative accessories, collectibles around every corner.

There's even a parking lot: Lenker says that they will have a flea market in the lot once a month. If the store is any indication of the goods that will be available, you won't want to miss these.
Stuff is located at 150 Valencia St. in San Francisco (the old Cottrell's Moving Company building). It's open every day from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. No website, but you can learn more on their Facebook page: Stuff SF.

Quote of The Day

All glory comes from daring to begin.
Eugene F. Ware

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OhLife: Your New Online Personal Journal

Don't you love the idea of jotting down your thoughts,
feelings and experiences and secrets but feel...
Takes too much time
Someone (you don't want) will read it
You lack the discipline
Paper is so passe
etc etc etc
Well, there is a cool new website to the rescue!
It's called OhLife SF-based website that makes private daily journaling 
sans pen and paper a snap.

After you've signed up (for free), you'll start getting an e-mail every night asking how your day was. 
You can reply with a sentence or a novella, and your thoughts are stored on the website for your eyes only.
You can select the time for this email to be sent to you! Like if you were a late night person you could get the emails sent at 10 PM or if you are an earlier night person at 8 PM 
or even in the AM if you please!
To post on Oh Life... You respond to the email that they send you asking "How did your day go?" And in seconds it will be posted on your online "journal"
You can view all of your entires and reread them at anytime from the Oh Life website!
Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of creative journaling,
but sometimes life gets in the way.
We all have something to say, now, it's easier than ever!