Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quote of The Day

The teeming Autumn, big with rich increase.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two Cute Kids and a Costume

I love everything (except the scary stuff)
about Halloween. 
The decorations, the candy,
school parties and parades.
It's so fun to see the light and excitement
in the faces of young ones, when they put 
on and become,their costume.
Candy wars which ensued afterwards
will not be discussed here.
This is a shameless pictorial essay
of my kids in some-- but not all of their 
costumes over the years.
Princess She Who Walks In The Rain

                                                               Bumble Bee

Crayon and Devil

                                 Cowboy and Wednesday (homemade costumes!)

                                                                 Pirate and Kitty
                                                                   Witch and Ninja
                                                     That P was half of a 'salt and pepper' look

                                                           Where's Wald0 and a Cheerleader

                                                        Obviously, our's is the one in the suit.

                                           I think this around the time they dressed and
                                                        performed at the talent show -
                                                -as The Beatles - it was a '60's thing.                                                                    
                                            Three stooges, same suit as werewolf
 -2 costumes that year!
Boys will be boys will be boys.

Cheers to all of the Dorothys, Power Rangers,
ghosts and goblins that will walk our path...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Field Trip: Scavenger Hunt

I love the idea: the game of hunt and fetch
as much as the next gal-you know-
Ross, TJMax, Target etc.
And yes, we've done a little time selling at a 
flea market...
"no, sorry we DON"T have any guns 
or ammunition" (just discarded Anne Klein).
So, when my son asked me to go with him to a salvage yard
 when searching for parts to 
'make' a smoker (BBQ )....
I thought -"hell yeah".
However, I wasn't prepared for what I saw-
 and from what I hear now, this was child's play.
Have you ever been to one?
First of all, shoes required. First Clue.
It was like a permanent, hard core,  flea market without clothes--
 junk, junk parts, discards
scrap metal, close out purchases- of stuff-stuff.!
I loved the  ancient computer moniters- I left thinking
 "hmm, do they BUY those?"

There was an aisle or several, of discarded things "The Army" doesn't need...

I of course, was drawn to the rows of 'new'
 (where'd they get those?) garden equipment and stuff..

There was a shed the size of a football field full of -
screws, nuts, bolts - old, unused, stuff!.

Honestly, almost, everywhere I looked,
I saw something that sent up a flag warning:
you might need this= good price!

In the back was a dirt yard filled with 
huge, I don't know, landscaping, building scrap, trash bins,
and I kept thinking CUJO 
should be bounding out any minute...
 and I would bolt (to my Rendezvous)!
And yet....
Luckily, we were not eaten alive,
 the vibe- ( her clothes match?) friendly and 
we came away with what 'we' were looking for:
a huge (oil?) drum, L brackets, sheet metal,
and enough visual memories to bring us (me) 
back again..

On a similar but different note, I BEG OF YOU....
check out what my friends at
Yardsale Bloodbath have been up to
seriously, it'll make you own place feel like
Winsor Castle!
No regrets, ever.


Quote of The Day

The challenge is not to be perfect,
but, to be whole.
Jane Fonda

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MOCA Bringing it Home

Jeffrey Deitch Takes Hollywood

An Exclusive Tour of the Art Guru's New Los Angeles Home

After being appointed the new director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) this January, former New York dealer and downtown impresario Jeffrey Deitch needed some digs on the West Coast. Seasoned aesthete that he is, to truly feel at home he needed to surround himself with the art he loves (click play above for a sneak peek of the pieces by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Aaron Young and Andy Warhol, among many others). Deitch’s new "movie star" home, in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood, isn't just any old Spanish revival house—it's the former residence of Cary Grant. (Meanwhile, another prominent figure in the art world is buying into Hollywood history: Larry Gagosian recently purchased Gary Cooper's old abode, in Holmby Hills.) Deitch is particularly interested in where art and entertainment merge. As part of his early activities at MOCA, he allowed his friend James Franco to film an episode of General Hospital within the museum; and the first show under his leadership was a major Dennis Hopper retrospective. For today’s short, filmmaker Alison Chernick and food artist Jennifer Rubell toured Deitch's house—including his "super Tudor-pop" party room, as he calls it—and sounded out his theories on celebrity, his new vision for MOCA, and his belief that you need a painting of Jesus over your bed.  via
I know, I am a bit obsessed with all things LA right now.

What with all the newly re-invented
 and re discovered neighborhoods,
the explosion of the foodie industry, 
and the coolest, chicest 'casual' shopping 
around, what's a girl to do?
Live vicariously of course!
From some of my favorite websites and feeds 
I can keep up on all the scenes, 
be in all the right places,
and drive the streets lined with stars.

I also love the concept of contemporary art.
In a flash of genius ("why didn't I think of that")
the simple and everyday can be converted
 to  a sublime concept.
Granted, it's not for everyone.
MOCA - Museum Of Contemporary Art
has been at the forefront from the very beginning
and staying true to the mission,
has developed one of the most extensive and 
renowned collections in the country.

Quote of The Day

Faith is the substance of
things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews XI:I

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quote of The Day

This they all with a joyful mind
Bear through life like a torch in flame,
And falling, fling to the host behind-
"Play up! Play up! and play the game!"
Henry Newbolt

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Most of the time, most of us 
are lucky enough to be a friend, 
to share friends, to have friends.
Right now, I am counting myself in
to all the categories  above.
It really became apparent this weekend.
Friday night we were at a friend's 
birthday party - 60's theme-
 "come as you were then, not as you are now".
She is one of those peoples
who has kept up and very close with so many 
from school, work, life experiences and is constantly
sharing herself, her home, her knowledge, her wit
with those she cares. The party was a mix of ages,
lifestyles, stories, melded together with warmth,
 laughter, good  food and lots of cheer. 
 Friendship, folly, everything was contagious.
On Sunday morning, I got a request from a very special
friend (of 30 years) on FB. We first met in 1980-
young and in retail (the chic kind) and kindled a 
personal and professional friendship 
that was constant with myself and Ross
for a good 15 years, in the last 15 maybe not so much - 
part of it logistics part of it, well, life.
We caught up a bit last year and now,
 with FB (thanks Mark Zuckerberg) it will 
be easier to stay in touch..
On Sunday evening, we were at our friends
Jim and Patti's. They have just moved back here after a long
hiatus and after 26 years we are living in the 
same city again.There is a history here too, for Ross
knew them well before I showed up.
We share a lot of commonalities,
retail, kids, a love of food, but,
it is the mutual support and teenage type laughter
I cherish the most. 
So after an evening of Sequence, jabbing
a great meal and bawdy laughs, we got
to looking through some of their old albums (LPs).
So much fun, each one bringing up for one or all 
memories, emotions.
pop, rock,psychedelic and so much in between.
We only got through two of the crates- I'm sure we'll do more...
we've got a turntable! 
But like I've said before, albums-
their covers and the music inside are like snapshots
to times. places, people and memories,
but it's friendship that goes round, comes round 
and keeps the circle strong.

Quote of The Day

The feeling of friendship is like
that of being comfortably filled
with roast beef; loved like being
 enlivened with champagne.
Samuel Johnson 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Food Groups

There's some new Grub coming to town-
offering two of my favorite food groups 
and serving til late o' clock.
Like everyone, I have some favorite foods.
Yes, I'm always saying I could live on roasted vegetables,
 brown rice and broth (that's probably not going to happen)
but really, two of my favorite food groups are
macaroni n cheese and burgers. 
There are a couple of restaurants, that when  I go,
it's so difficult to decide between the two and I usually 
end up talking Ross into splitting both or at the very least,
getting an order of cheesy noodles for the table-
to share of course.
 It is my humble philosophy,
that one can often judge a restaurants talents based on 
the fabrication of these alone.  Now, anyone who
 knows me,  knows that I am not a proponent 
of overly designed, reduced, pretentious, architectural
food but even Thomas Keller
understands the importance of a good burger
and where do you think
 truffle mac n cheese got it's start? 
I digress.
Grub is opening this week
and they've got me so dialed in.
The heart of Grub's menu is built around
It looks like no matter your taste or mood
they'll have it covered.
Variety is the spice of life, right?
and now with Grub, the only glitch
will be narrowing down the choices. 

758 Valencia Street @ 18th
415 431 4782

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Heaven to Earth

Recently at our dinner table, there came
a discussion of religion, I KNOW-
It was all pretty much ok though,
because, it was all... 'family'.
We (at the table) do not all come by it (religion) naturally.
Some, have discovered it late in life,
some have abstained... by choice,
some follow a church of openness and tolerance.
Recently, one person ventured into another's church 
and was somewhat surprised by what she found...
The discussion, that ensued, was heartfelt;
like a two lane road, there will always be separation.
Too much of the time, though, religious ideas are
 accepted as the 'gospel truth'--
even when there is a
lack of tolerance and acceptance,
 How though,  especially, nowadays
Even a few of our favorite shows have
broached the subject:
Questions are good, they keep us on our feet...
and I have many.
That is not to say, I don't believe....I do.
the ebb and flow of the ocean,
white horses-
above all though, 
it is the here and now...
the faith in love, acceptance  and 
forgiveness which prevails.
and will prevail.

Quote of The Day

The faith that stands on authority, is not faith.
The reliance on authority measures 
the decline of religion.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Enjoying Wine With Imagination

Last week I had the chance to taste some exceptional wines
and enjoy some beautiful art, at the same time-
when a friend brought over a selection of (8) different selections
 Located in the heart of Sonoma Valley,
Imagery was started by Joe Benziger,
whose family has been operating Benziger Family Winery
since the early 80s.

His mission: dedication to crafting small quantities
and character rich vineyards.
The wines inside the bottles are some of the best 
in the Valley but that alone does not set them apart. 

As the idea for the winery was developing,
Joe met Bob Nugent, a renowned, local artist
who offered to design a label that 
could match the expressiveness of the wine inside.
'Now, more than 20 years later,
 he is the curator of Imagery art collection
commissioning hundreds of international artists
to design one-of-a kind artwork for Imagery labels.'
From the wines to the artwork,
Imagery Wines are the perfect blend
of creative expression, individuality
and imagination.
Here is a taste of what we sampled:

 2006 Imagery Dragonsleaf Red
Tasting Notes:
Fruit from Dragonsleaf vineyard creates a classic blend of traditional 
Rhone varietals that is replete with layers of chalky tannins
 and black fruit flavors. In the 2006 blend Dragonsleaf Red is made up 
of 79% Syrah, 12% Petite Sirah and 9% Cinsault.

2007 Imagery Wow Red
Tasting Notes:
WOW is the best way to describe this eclectic blend.
 The structured body and rusty, rich red of Petite Sirah and 
the well-integrated tannins of Malbec combine to create a wine
 rich with spicy earth flavors. The Wow Red offers aromas
 of pepper and mushroom. In the mouth, 
this wine’s robust tannins are balanced by tastes of tart cranberry,
 blueberry, and cherry. It is a blend truly
 full of surprises: from the aromas of the earth to the robust fruit and dry finish.

2007 Imagery Mourvedre
Tasting Notes:
Medium bodied with layered flavors of blueberry, currant,
 spice and herbs, our Mourvèdre is equally lovely with a meal or on its
 own. French oak barrel aging softens tannins
 and adds complexity to the mouthfeel.

There were others, 2009 Viognier, 2008 White Burgandy,
2006 Tempranillo, 2007 Malbec and 2008 Code Blue,
one just as exciting and expressive as the next.

I invite you to take a look at Imagery Winery
 depending on your proximity, in the tasting room, or online
good wine and beautiful art- 
a beautiful combination that never disappoints.

Quote of The Day

Hard must he wink
that shut his eyes from heaven.
Francis Quarles

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here we Go Giants, Here We Go!

The San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs
for the first time in seven years, and,
even I'm excited!
Now I am not a fair weather friend, but,
I am a fair weather fan, I admit it,
and for the record, so is everyone else in this house.
Unlike our friends, The Spencer's who are
die hard supporters. They are the type of fan who sticks with 
the team through the ups and the downs.
I am not a stranger to the game though-in high school,
 by best friend Jan and I
kept score for the Varsity baseball  team...
the coach was one of our teachers- putting 
in a little effort never hurt the grade-
we also helped the swimming coach (French).
Some people love going to the games and watching
with the fans in the stadium, I can never 
figure out why really, baseball stadiums always seem 
so breezy and in San Francisco, on the water,
a bit brisk to say the least, 
With that said though, AT&T Park is quite 
beautiful, has some fantastic views and
The choices are ridiculous here... garlic fries, sausages,
crab sandwiches, brisket, pulled pork
and of course perennial favorites,
let's not forget the important part... yes, that's right-
wine, beer and cocktails!!
Whether taking in the elements and watching on the jumbotron
or rooting on a more intimate scale- the family TV,
 really for me, the best part of baseball
is all about friends, food and fun.
So, I've promised not to talk
except during commercials, follow
Patti's lead on the cheering,
 don a few pieces of orange and black.
and keeping my fingers crossed, they can take

Quote of The Day

He who joins in sport with 
his own family-
will never be dull  to strangers.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Get's Better Project

Dan Savage is a columnist and commentator 
who is taking the bull by the horns.
 "Late last month, Savage launched a YouTube channel called the “It Gets Better Project,” which allows gay adults to upload videos of themselves describing the bullying they endured in high school, but also talking about how much better their lives are now. His main motivation, he tells EW, is that happy, successful gay adults are often not allowed to talk to at-risk kids. “Schools would never bring me in or any gay adults in,” he says. “And their parents are often homophobic, which adds to their distress and isolation. It occurred to me that I was waiting for an invitation and waiting for permission, and I didn’t need anyone’s permission anymore because of YouTube and digital video and Twitter and Facebook. I could post a video and look into a camera and directly address these kids before they commit suicide, instead of feeling bad after they commit suicide". (via
A project like this is long overdue.
Of course, I hope this movement and effort 
will not only reach out to LGBT teens, but,
to all teenagers, youth  searching and 
dealing with the difficulties of discovering 
their selves and the accompanying socialization hierarchy 
that can be so cruel. (Albeit wrong.)
It is so important for  young people
struggling with their identities, (youth in general)
to have someone (famous or not) who has
 walked the same path, stand up, speak up 
and let them know, It get's better.

The project is based on YouTube 
and already there are several
pages of videos with 
compassionate, encouraging words.  

Sharing,  sincerity , inspiration.

Quote of The Day

Compassionate action,
Compassionate speech, is not a 
one-shot deal;
It's a lifetime journey.
Pema Chodron

Monday, October 4, 2010

Quote of The Day

Kindness in words creates confidence
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness
Kindness in giving creates love.
Lao Tse