Friday, August 6, 2010

Beautiful IS Everywhere

(If there's an ad- be patient -it's short)
 One of the perks about watching daytime/news TV
becomes apparent when you are 
exposed to an idea or information 
that is beyond genius.
Yesterday, on the Today show,
I saw a piece about a young woman named 
Caitlin Boyle. She has a mission.
It's called Operation Beautiful.
Her mission is to end negative, toxic
self talk.
She began by "leaving positive messages on the 
mirrors of public restrooms" ( grocery stores, gym...)
on Post-its and little notes with
'simple, positive thoughts to be found
by a random stranger'.
The best part is that she has created 
an open forum for any of us to join in the mission.
 Send her an e-mail at
with a photograph of your Operation Beautiful note
 or a description of your experience, and I’ll post it on 
the Operation Beautiful site for thousands of others
 to read and enjoy!

Her mission and movement is now a book:
which showcases notes women have posted
and the stories behind and touched by them.
Check out her original blog ...
"Where Everyday Decisions Add Up
To Something Amazing".

I think she has a great take on life
a perfect example that
 usually, the best and most important 
things in life, (the real stuff) money doesn't buy.