Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Tale of two Coasts

You know, there's something going on here.
I am suffering from a disease for which there is
no reference on WebMD...I call it BiCoastalism.
Do you suffer like me?
I am, dare I say obsessed with entertainment
 originating in
in  New Jersey and Los Angeles.
I am a California girl, born and raised but
lately, I find my self drawn 
(like a spiral of shame) 
to all things NJ.
Have you noticed that New Jersey the east coast state
which not THAT long ago was constantly swept under the 
carpet by it's NY neighbor, is suddenly
the darling of (I) must see TV?
(How YOU doin?)...
Representing the right side...
But then, one cannot dismiss
the fact that the present top rated sitcom
hails from LA, as does 
several vehicles representing 
an uber cool, celebrity based, 
and by the beach lifestyle
we (I) all want a piece of.
Representing the left side...

Alright, alright, say what you will,
but I am sure there are plenty like me
who suffer in silence and yet (because) 
we cannot (refuse to) tune out the voices (TV),
we will simply have to stay tuned and wait,
for a cure.