Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When A Meal is More Than A Meal

Do you ever have those meals at home, 
even if it's just family that turn into something 
 so memorable?
It's been happening a lot around here lately.
The inspiration can come from a borrowed magazine,
a beloved cookbook or a new favorite blog-
anywhere really.
More often than not, what makes the 
meal a memorable event (and maybe it's just
one dish) is effort. 
You know, when someone takes it upon themselves
to reach out of their comfort zone, challenge
their talents and tap into their fortitude.
Let's see, with that in mind,
 there was the bbq oysters, 
mussels in tomato broth, slow smoked pork (and beef)
linguine and name a few.
Most recently,
my daughter, upon hearing I was thinking pasta
for dinner decided that she was going to make 
homemade fettuccine.
Hmm, well it just so happens we were having coffee
 with a friend who has a pasta machine- check.
Hit the Italian market up the street for 00 flour
and San Marzano tomatoes-check.
Basil from the garden -check.
Well what followed was an afternoon and 
kitchen full of flour, dough and more flour,
there was stirring, kneading, rolling
and drying (over a broomstick) 
Who cooks without wine?
and after a lot of effort and happy determination.
we ended up with the a fabulous meal of
handmade, fettuccine with a light tomato basil sauce.
Combined with much conversation and
 a couple bottles of wine, it was more than
a meal...
It was divine.