Friday, July 2, 2010

As American As.....

I love the 4th of July!
You know it's summer...
Bar B Que, parades, neighborhood and friends- 
kicking back, playing games...
from volleyball to beer pong... 
and always...Fireworks of some sort!

You can't really have a 4th of July without 
some display of fireworks.
Whether it's (rogue) sparklers in the street or
watching the big displays in the sky,
I love the colors and the excitement!
I will never forget the time when driving 
through South Carolina, we pulled up to 
what was for my son Mecca...
the largest warehouse,  full of fireworks
any of us had ever seen. 
It was so much fun and ...weird
walking through and seeing floor to ceiling (like Costco) 
displays of brightly packaged contraband.
I think we still have a few things to share!

We're going to the Silvarado parade
over in Calistoga in the am. 
It is the quintessential
small town parade, with 
displays of floats, clowns, horse-drawn fire rigs, 
local politicians, old cars, everything 
red white and blue and straw hats galore,
it is (this is Napa Valley!) 
Martha Stewart meets Ralph Lauren-
Main Street USA. 
From field trips to backyards,
whether it's cooking and pie eating contests
backyard drinking games, leg races
or simply enjoying 
a nice bottle of wine with friends
get out, share some laughs and 
definitely, let the sparks fly in the sky.