Monday, July 12, 2010

Bacon Bacon Bacon...

Ok, what ever happened to 
'Pork- the new white meat'?
It seems that the healthy side of pork has fallen from grace
and the underbelly of the pork world has taken over...
My son, seems to cook 
bacon everyday for breakfast  and now the 
place smells like a cook house-
( frankly, I prefer the scent of lemon and eucalyptus).
We now have a (son built) smoker next to the bbqs
in which to slow smoke pork shoulders, ribs etc.
 Don't get me wrong we've been eating high on the hog...
 These are his slow smoked pork spareribs (OMG).
Certainly, no matter where you live, you cannot go to a restaurant
worth it's salt (lick) and not find some kind of 
smoked, cured or  bbq pork on the menu.
The amount of blogs dedicated to bacon 
could fill up a small town phone book,
Have you heard of the "Bacon Explosion"?
Neither had I until this weekend...
From the blog called "BBQ ADDICTS"  I offer up the recipe 
for thisjelly roll of sausage (w bacon) rolled up in a 
'woven mat' of bacon  then smoked on the grill.
Some how I missed the "Bacon Bowl",
but here is a recap from Off The Broiler.
And it's not just the meat itself but the flavor 
has now begun to permeate all facets 
of  culinary world.
How about 
you've got to have "Bacon Hot Sauce"
and "Bacon Moon Pies" should be on your bucket list.
My daughter even got in on the act and recently made caramels...
with a recipe she found at "Not Without Salt".
At some point, you're gonna have to try something like
But the Kicker perhaps is ...
Bakon Vodka - I mean,who wouldn't want their 
favorite cocktail infused with  umm
peppered bacon? Hey, when in Rome,
you've gotta go with the flow, right?