Friday, July 9, 2010

Get The Weekend Started Right

How about warm, fresh from the oven
upside down pecan rolls?
These are from Father's Day at our house.
Alycia was the Adventurous chef
who got up and started at 5:30 am.
The recipe is from a cookbook I received 
for a wedding shower gift (30 years ago)-
(published 1979)
(My well used and loved copy)
I have never been brave enough to make them-
(there are ALOT of steps) but our friend Patti,
 has been making them for years (has same book).
The whole process is quite an undertaking,
 bowls, mixing, rising, kneading, rolling and of course
waiting and watching while they bake. The smell 
alone is worth it, but the flavors, the texture and the richness 
without being sugary sweet is incomparable
to any I've ever had. 
(Tartine, eat your heart out)
I have found a recipe to use as a step by step 
general guide and I offer this photo of the
ingredients form the book ...
Bottom line, this weekend,
be adventurous, make a mess, enjoy the process...
and fill your kitchen with the smell of something
 from the oven.