Monday, July 26, 2010

Watermelon Is The Answer

 I hear the word and I think summer.
 Here we are in the middle of the season, full swing...
kids playing games after dark, family camping (for some)
 road trips, staying up late, picnics, bbqs
and plenty of backyard fun. 
There is an inkling of 'back to school' in the air 
and even though it does not apply to me, I refuse to 
believe that fall is on the horizon.
I digress.
Last year I read something from Wally Amos
(yes, the cookie guy) on the subject
of watermelons which I found really cool.
 I give you 
his Watermelon Credo...
(Don't worry, there's a cocktail recipe too!)
                                                     W -Whatever you believe creates your
                                                            reality.Believe that life is a positive
                                                           experience and it will be.
                                                     A-  Attitude is the magic word. Your 
                                                           greatest asset is your attitude. Be 
                                                           positive regardless.
                                                     T-  Together everyone achieves more. 
                                                           There are no limits to what we can
                                                           accomplish together. I am more
                                                           than I am but less than we are.
                                                     E-  Enthusiasm is the wellspring of life.
                                                           There is no limit to what can be
                                                           accomplished with enough
                                                      R- Respect yourself as well as others.
                                                           When you begin to respect yourself,
                                                           your whole world changes.
                                                     M- Make commitments, not excuses. 
                                                          There is overwhelming power in the
                                                           words "yes I will".
                                                     E- Everyday can be a fun day. Fun 
                                                           is the lubricant that keeps life
                                                           moving forward. laugh a lot.
                                                       L- Love is the answer.Whatever
                                                            the question, love is the answer.
                                                            It's the greatest force 
                                                            in the Universe.
                                                      O- One day at a time. How do you
                                                            eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
                                                            All of life happens in increments
                                                            of one.
                                                      N- never give up or become a victim. 
                                                           You are guaranteed to lose, if you
                                                            give up. Winston Churchill was right,
                                                            "Never, never, never give up."
                                                             It works, if you work it.

Wally also goes on to say that "watermelon is FUN,
 inspirational and a great reminder for us to always
live from our highest self. Do not allow yourself 
to be overwhelmed by events. Let watermelon 
remind you that you are larger than events.
You have the power to create and change
events by what you believe."

Isn't that cool?
Now for that cocktail...
From No Recipes but don't worry-
there's a recipe.