Thursday, December 9, 2010

Curating Life's Treasures

Old timey candy.
Lisa Congdon is an artist and 
illustrator from San Franciso.
Last January she started a projec,
documenting one collection, everyday  for a year.
Most of the collections are real,
and those she photographs; for those which
are still only imagined, she illustrates or paints.
How clever, right?
It goes without saying, she really has a keen eye...
and her passion for arranging, 
organizing and displaying just may be 
infectious for all. 
Tiny vintage plastic and metal toys.
Vintage Japanese brushes and brooms.
Vintage packaging (part of a larger collection).
Vintage wound thread/yarn.

This is so much more than hunting and gathering.
I may not look at clustered items the same,
ever again.