Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Life of Elegance and Creativity

Scanned from T&C
Yes, of course we are familiar  with the 
Gloria Vanderbilt who grew up
with immense wealth and privilidge,
And well, yes, most of us are familiar with 
the young woman who has sat for all
of the major fashion photographers,
the jeans, the son, the social scene,
 although, it is the decorating, the art- the self exploration
 of Gloria Vanderbilt that I find so intriguing.
Yet, now, a new book from one of my
most favorite editors, Wendy Goodman
brings to light so many aspects...
'heiress, painter,muse,designer,model,writer, entrepreneur, 
actor, socialite, survivor and icon'
that we've yet to meet...

A true 20th Century legend.
Spectacular, dazzling, yet so familiar-
 Gloria Vanderbilt.