Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fascinating People: Alternate View

Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010
will air Thursday 12/09.
Yes, she's an interviewing icon, 
I get it.  But isn't it time 
we start pushing the envelope again?
How about offering up some 
cutting edge, controversial people 
we haven't all OD on from the grocery store mags
to Hoda and Kathie Lee?
Flavorwire took the matter into their hands and offered up
a line up which could be much more 
thought provoking and educational.
For starters:

Marina Abramović
In what was easily the year’s most talked about art show, Abramović spent the better part of the spring sitting still and silent at the Museum of Modern Art’s atrium as museum visitors took turns staring across the table at her. Both that individual piece and the entire retrospective of her work — the biggest show of performance art in MoMA’s history — were titled The Artist Is Present. And over the course of her exhibition, everyone from Lou Reed to Lady Gaga stopped by.
We would ask her: What did your performance teach you? Who were your favorite and least favorite visitors? Did you ever think you’d be the one to make performance art cool again?
                                                         Tim Gunn

Project Runway is certainly past its prime, so why haven’t we grown tired of its beloved mentor figure? Because this year, he showed us a new side of him. Gunn is clearly unhappy with the way the show is being run, and he’s not going to plaster on a fake smile and pretend to agree with the judges’ awful decisions — or, for that matter, sit idly by while Anna Wintour has employees carrying her. At the same time, he’s never been more supportive of his Project Runway charges than he was last season. And he showed real humanity in his It Gets Better video, an honest and moving account of his teenage suicide attempt.
We would ask him: Are you ready to move on from Project Runway? If you could pick new judges for the show, who would they be? Which contestants did you actually love, and which did you flat-out hate?
Christine O’Donnell
We would ask her: Why did you feel it was so important to reassure voters that you’re not a witch? Do you feel like you were misunderstood during your campaign? Are you a feminist? Will you be running for public office again?
Kanye West
We would ask him: How do you think you’ve changed in the past few years? My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy earned a lot of perfect reviews. Do you agree that it’s a perfect album? Where are you going from here? How do you really feel about the Nicki Minaj record?
This is only a taste of the list,
for more options we could see, if the producers
were to go out on a limb and well,
really entertain us check out Flavorwire.