Friday, December 3, 2010

Simple Wishes For Good Things

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most powerful.
I saw this on Ready Made and had to share...
"It isn't often I walk down the street consumed in happy tears, but that is precisely what happened this week upon the discovery of a little tree full of handwritten wishes one block over from my apartment. What initially looked to be a prank involving toilet paper in front of a condo building turned out to be a kind soul's offering to the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago: a tree full of wishes. "
"A Ziploc bag attached to the tree holds small white pieces of paper with yarn strung through pre-punched holes. A pen sits inside the bag along with a message simply instructing passersby to "Make a wish and hang it on the tree."
"I won't tell you what I wished for but I'll admit I felt free and unencumbered after scribbling on that small sheet of paper. The happy tears hit after I read through all of my neighbor's wishes: babies arriving full term, health, peace of mind, freedom of religion, job security. I thought about these strangers and wanted everything for them. "
I love this, the collective wishing, a flying free,
a letting go.   via Megan Jeyifo