Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changing The World One Globe at A Time

I love the look, the feel of a globe- the topography, 
the colors, the boundries.
There is something about a globe...
even though now, more often than not,
those we own may be an outdated geographical source. 
It is kind of interesting to look at older
globes and actually see how our world has changed.
I was so intrigued when I came across
the work of  Wendy Gold.
This local Marin-based artist is...
turning the world on it's head~ so to speak.
~ It's called Imaginations ~
Wendy finds globes at garage sales and flea markets, and decoupages them
 with recycled materials. The results are part history, part whimsy.
There are eleven designs and, 
each  is more enchanting than the next:
 On Flutter By, (above)the continents are covered in hand-cut butterflies, Your World is personalized  with your family tree and Where the Wild Things Are tells the classic story as the globe spins.
The possibilities are endless, much like I guess...
 a road more traveled.