Thursday, January 13, 2011

David vs Goliath

 Excelsior resident Aaron Perry-Zucker decided to cover up graffiti in his neighborhood by re-painting benches in bright colors that he says deter the vandals from returning - at least not as quickly as they would when the city covered their scrawlings with drab grays and browns.
Neighborhood groups like the Excelsior Action Group, who also work to clean up the area, approve of Perry-Zucker's benches that appear in a range of primary colors, but the artist admits he doesn't actually have permission from any sort of authority to leave his mark in the park. As Rec and Parks spokesman Elton Pon stated boringly: "the public is not allowed to paint over city property at will, no matter how bright and colorful the paint" and promised that the benches and signs would quickly return to their standard color sometime this week. How drab.
In the meantime, Perry-Zucker says he's on the look out for other things in the park brighten up.