Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tattoo ART...

It's not that I love tattoos or even tattoo art, but when it comes to art styled like tattos, it's time to sit up and notice. Take  the work of Jacob Dahlstrup, a Danish artist who uses a tattoo machine on heavyweight paper to create eerie, skeleton-obsessed line drawings. From ships and mermaids to roses and scrolls, Dahlstrup uses traditional tattoo designs as a starting point before veering into the uncanny and unsettling.
Artist statement:
Key to my practice is a process of calculated spontaneity and pre planned coincidence through which I work primarily with a combination of drawing and installation. Through merging of material and context I explore the visual language of nautical folklore, which tells the story of faith, hope, love, and the struggle to get to the non-existing point in the horizon.

On a Sailors Grave (no roses grow) from Jacob Dahlstrup on Vimeo.

Cool right?