Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sophistication Confrontation Above All: Wit

I have always loved talk shows.
I think it's because I love hearing about other people's lives
and antics. Big stars, small stars, reality stars
and dare I say it... the stories of even real people.
I grew up watching Steve Allen, Mike Douglas,
Merv Griffin (Dinah Shore-short lived)
and of course Dick Cavett.
To me, he was always the thinking man's
interviewer, edgy yet sophisticated.
With his new book,
he lets loose and dishes about his on air life.
He 'brought  razor-sharp wit and in-depth interest 
that made Americans welcome him into their living rooms 
for almost two decades beginning in the late Sixties. 
His career soared thanks to sit-downs with Bette Davis,
 Richard Burton, Ingrid Bergman, Robert Mitchum, Woody Allen,
 Paul Newman, John Lennon, Gore Vidal, Norman Mailer
 and scads of other big guns — many of whom bid good-bye with
 “How you got me to talk about that I have no idea.” 
Ninety-minute shows will do that.'  (via WWD)
Not one to sink into the backround he writes a great opinion column
for the NY Times take a look, it doesn't disappoint
and of course, neither does the book.
Bette Davis (the jewels are real and she is spectacular)

Jimi Hendrix (a true genius and gentleman)

Happy viewing!