Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fabricating Life

I know my way around a sewing machine.
I've been sewing off and on since I was  teenager.
Technically speaking, I am not advanced, my strongest 
attributes being a good eye for simple designs
and and pairing just the right fabric.
Fabric stores aren't as plentiful or for that matter,
as good as the used to be- except when it comes to 
the high priestess of  fabric emporiums...
Family owned and run since 1952,  Britex is a go to / must see
for 'designers, sewers, do- it -yourself-ers and 
anyone seeking creative inspiration.'
It is four floors of fabrics, notions et al from around the world.
The quality and selection is sublime and trust me, 
it's one of those places, one can wile away an hour or 3
without the intention.
Sometimes, I go in there just to be inspired, by the colors,
the textures, the possibilities.
Now, at first one thinks, well I don't sew so why bother...
not so fast. Recently I saw an editorial for fabrics in Veranda
and had an aha moment. 
Theses fabrics in frames are a great way to 
curate some color and pattern onto walls, right??
Seriously, the possibilities / combinations are endless 
what with an array of frames you can pick up anywhere
and the economical choice of remnants.
Creativity is everywhere. Enjoy.