Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's For Lunch?

There is a sandwich craze going on
across America and of course,
we here in San Francisco are at the forefront.
It's called banh mi...
Begin with a whole baguette, preferably baked in-house and dressed with an aioli spread infused with pork, garlic and fish sauce. These ingredients then hold a wide variety of fillings: barbecue pork, fried tofu and thick-sliced ham are the most common options, along with pork pâté, grilled chicken, meatballs, sauteed vegetables.   via NY Times
The local favorite counter is
Saigon Sandwich located in The Tenderloin-

-no not a pretty neighborhood and nothing much to look at inside,
but so worth the jaunt and well, the risk.
check out these reviews on yelp...
"I decided to listen to the other yelpers and try the Roast Pork banh mi with pate ($3.75). The bread was perfectly toasted and very fresh. It does not cut the roof of your mouth but is still crunchy. The sauce they put in the sandwich is runny and was dripping out as I took each bite! I don't really know what the sauce is made of but i'm guessing a combination of mayo and pork drippings. Yuummmmm!  This banh mi is set apart from all others i've tried because of this runny, drippy sauce. 

You know the place is good when you are still thinking about the delicious mouth watering viet sandwich you had and your 100 miles away. Well i got the chicken sandwich with peppers because i like spicy and it was incredible, the flavor, the texture, the crispy, and the tender. Sandwiches come in chicken pork and combination. they are i still believe $3.50 for one. But this has got to be the best place for viet sandwiches in the city because I tried other places and they do not even compare. Yummy food makes happy people. :)
I can't wait to go back!"

"Best Banh Mi you will find in the bay area hands down! You can't go wrong, everything is sooo good depending what you're in the mood for that day. Fast turnover so you know everything is fresh. It must be the spot when so many people travel out of the way and stand in line just to get a sandwich. Plus everybody and their mama knows about this hole in the wall."
Saigon Sandwich
560 Larkin  Street (Btwn Eddy & Turk)

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