Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Is Not A Design Blog #1

sixx art quote _ cocokelley
No, this is not a design blog-
but it is about sharing and inspiring...

If you follow reality TV, you'll recognize
 Bob and Courtney Novogratz 
(from Sixx Design) as the designers
(and parents of seven kids) from
Bravo's 9 By Design show from last year.

sixx opening quote _ cocokelley
These two are self-taught risk takers in the world 
of interior design, known for turning funky into fabulous.  
 Signature looks include the mixing of 
vintage and modern, high and low end
and utilizing a lot of color and art.
Recently, I came across and interview series at 
coco+kelly where they were featured.
It's a great piece, picking up
their philosophies from design to 
parenting and lifestyle.
What is one piece of furniture people underuse?
The dining table. Whether it’s in the kitchen or a dining room, people should eat at them more often. It’s nice to have dinner with your family. Maybe not seven nights a week, but two or three times is nice.

sixx 6
Finish this sentence: no room is complete without… 
Something personal.

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