Thursday, February 10, 2011

News We Can Use: NYC Fashion Week

As told by Corey Kindberg via Racked
On Saturday, September 11, 2010, I made it my mission to attend the Prabal Gurung show. He's said to be the new Alexander Wang, and after seeing the show I have no doubt he is. The story below is how I single-handedly snuck in and sat second row.
First, when thinking about sneaking into Fashion Week, you must put your best fashion foot forward. Search through your closet for the perfect outfit and double it. Make sure there's a lot of black; you'll blend in easier. Have your darkest pair of sunglasses on you at all times. Also, carry an attitude that will make anyone scared to question you. Once you're ready, grab your bag and head on over to Lincoln Center.
Second, you have to know what shows are going on that day and at what time. I walked up the steps of the main tent and was immediately stopped by security. No worries, I had told the man that I was there to see the ADAM show. When they ask for tickets, simply respond with "I'm on the list." Instant entry.
Next, grab The Daily and the current copy of WWD so that you have something to discuss with other people in the tents. Then put on your sunnies and stare down at your Blackberry. This way no one will bother you. Walk like you're on a mission(which you are) to the center garden. This got me past other ticket checkpoints. When I saw that the Gurung show was starting check-in, I waited a few minutes for the line to build up. I then walked around, past the other tents. Remember, don't ever look up from your Blackberry or take off your sunnies. When you see a big enough crowd, quickly and quietly wiggle your way into the middle, and don't look up.
The next thing I know....Racked (to see how it ends)
Similar but different...
New York Fashion Week: It gets so much publicity, and yet it's so clearly not a public event. This can be maddening to local fans like college student Maria Alexa Gee, who told today's NYDN, "It's like the Greek myth about the guy [Tantalus] who is always hungry, but he can't reach the fruit...It's right uptown, but I can't get into it."
If we've learned anything from NYFW's past season at Lincoln Center, though, it's that in some ways, the new location is actually friendlier to gate-crashers. Gee might not be able to see any runway shows, but her current plan—to round up some friends and hang out on the plaza outside the tents—isn't such a bad idea. The plaza acts as a lobby for the main building, so street style photographers tend to congregate there, and every so often someone famous (or at least fabulous) sweeps past, ticket in hand.
Of course, plenty of reasonable people...Racked (for more)