Friday, February 11, 2011

Music Is Life - Life Is Music

vinyl record
I love music- it's ability
to cut straight through to our emotional level.
 I can't play or sing-
but I love listening and ~ feeling it.
I have always been a radio person,
there's something the snapshots that radio offers.
 Frankly, rarely does an album offer up 
much more than the songs radio singles out and,
when I love a song, repetition is fine by me.
Something about the element of surprise coupled with,
albeit conversely, the control factor of 
 constantly switching of channels is
a perfect match.
This Sunday is music's biggest night -
The Grammys and of course
I will be watching and listening.
Record of the year is going to be especially tough
because I really like four of the songs.

All four these songs are filled with passion
that comes across and demands attention
on so many levels.
I'm glad I don't have to vote.