Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OhLife: Your New Online Personal Journal

Don't you love the idea of jotting down your thoughts,
feelings and experiences and secrets but feel...
Takes too much time
Someone (you don't want) will read it
You lack the discipline
Paper is so passe
etc etc etc
Well, there is a cool new website to the rescue!
It's called OhLife SF-based website that makes private daily journaling 
sans pen and paper a snap.

After you've signed up (for free), you'll start getting an e-mail every night asking how your day was. 
You can reply with a sentence or a novella, and your thoughts are stored on the website for your eyes only.
You can select the time for this email to be sent to you! Like if you were a late night person you could get the emails sent at 10 PM or if you are an earlier night person at 8 PM 
or even in the AM if you please!
To post on Oh Life... You respond to the email that they send you asking "How did your day go?" And in seconds it will be posted on your online "journal"
You can view all of your entires and reread them at anytime from the Oh Life website!
Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of creative journaling,
but sometimes life gets in the way.
We all have something to say, now, it's easier than ever!