Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Safes: Don't Try This With A Kindle

Secret Compartment Book - used Buddhist book
Who doesn't like playing hide and seek?
Of course I have my own special hiding places- 
you know, different places for different things-
new dress~ check, 
jewelery (while out of town)~ check
passports and various paraphernalia~ double check
but really how fun (and romantic) is the idea of a book safe?
Hollow Book Safe -  The Bartender's Guide with Flask Cut-Out (flask included)
This is a Bartender's Book btw-love that!

Moleskine Notebook Hollow Hidden Book Safe (The Lottery Winner)
For secrets squared.

Hollow Book Safe - Vintage Encyclopedia
Even secrets at work!

I know, I know, of course there's the safety deposit box,
but seriously, keys are just so... boring.