Friday, March 11, 2011

Luxe Living: Table Top

Hutton Wilkinson  has made it his life's work to live 
with a "a little too much is just enough" approach to life,
 but then, when you were the protege of Tony Duquette,
nothing less would be expected.

More Is More: Tony Duquette is his second book about the
'the extraordinary, exuberant, eccentric personage who was Tony Duquette.
 The Duquette co-opted everyday elements for his glamorous, luxe,
 unforgettable realms. Wilkinson guides us through Duquette’s more-is-more mélange: interiors, exteriors, jewelry, stage sets, party decor. All reveal Duquette’s preference for abundance without waste. Wilkinson also opens a window onto Duquette the artist, philosopher, traveler, host and friend. He examines the work of Duquette’s beloved wife, Elizabeth, aka “Beegle,” an artistic collaborator without whom Duquette’s world would have been incomplete. Stuffed to the margins with illustrations of Duquette’s imagination in all its fantasy and variety, this book teems — no, explodes — in a vivid, extravagant, elegant celebration of a life.'

Besides the over the top eye candy, the observation
here is that yes, this is extravagance, but with the philosophy
'not everything is rare or expensive'...
creativity is what truly dazzles.