Tuesday, March 1, 2011

365 Days Of Practical Thinking

Illustration of things Giles learned this year
Happy march 1st!

Here's to 
The Year Of Practical Thinking
You learn something new every day, or so they say. In 2010, GILES TURNBULL decided to keep track. Revelations, lessons, and the wisdom of dishwashers in 365 parts.
Here are twelve of my favorites, for other 353, 
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17. My neighbor’s cat eats mice head first.
8. Skips—a British savory snack food—are made from tapioca.
14. The distance from your elbow to your armpit is one eighth of your height.
3. Tudor banquets included sculptures made of sugar.
7. I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who has seven kids, and they watch no TV. Except Christian TV.
14. It’s harder to properly and mercifully kill a half-dead bird than you might expect.
5. As tsunami waves approach land, they slow down but their height increases.
25. Darwin had a cousin, Francis Galton, who pioneered genetics and statistics. He invented the word association game. Pastime. Hobby. Simon Quinlank. Comedy. Father Ted. Religion.
18. “Velcro” is just a brand name; that sticky stuff is generically known as “hook and loop.”
9. A mole’s fur grows in two directions.
24. Fish cakes do not need a breadcrumb coating. Indeed, they taste much better without.
22. Yellowstone National Park is mostly in Wyoming, but parts of it stretch into Montana and Idaho. It experiences thousands of small earthquakes every year, sometimes hundreds in just one day. It’s a 17-mile drive from Yellowstone Lake to Old Faithful.