Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check Your Cholesterol At The Door

Around the West, pretty much everyone
 has heard of, (if not enjoyed)
In- N-Out Burger.  It's kind of a cult thing.
Their menu is one born of simplicity ...or so it seems- 
when you look at the menu offering their
burger, cheeseburger, fries and shakes.
However, there is a secret menu offering up 
combinations many are familiar with and there is a 
super secret menu which few are familiar with...

Of course, everyone knows about grilled onions
but they also will grill whole onion slices.

A new underground favorite is 'mustard-grilled'
where after cooking one side, they squirt mustard on the patty 
before flipping it.

Do you like things spicy?
Ask for 'Chopped Chilies' and if you want them on the side, they'll give 
them to you in a sealed baggie. 

Everyone knows about 'Animal Style'
(grilled onions, mustard, extra spread and pickles)
But how about 'The Flying Dutchman' animal style?
That's with  two patties/ two cheese/ no bun

If you're a fry freak like me ~ 
(frankly, I'm not a huge fan of their fries they remind me of 
Pik-Nik Stix) but they are improved when ordered
'Well Done'   AND  when they are included
in the order as 'Fries Inside'. 

And of course, I usually get a Diet Coke-
you've got to cut out somewhere, but if you like
 shakes with your fries, why should you choose one flavor,
 when you can order all three~ 'Neopolitan style'

Research like this takes time and effort, of course, so 
 this definitely gets filed under the category of... 
it's a big job~but somebody has to do it.
Check out Serious Eats  for these secrets,
ordering tips, insider info and more!