Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bountiful Days

This is the time of year, you can't drive 
down the highway without seeing 
large open top transport trucks carrying
 huge vats of tomatoes, grapes and the like.
It's harvest time, and much of that 
is meant for commercial use-fine by me.
What I am intrigued with, is the smaller ,
local products we all see at our farmer's markets,
local stores and shared from friends kitchens.
Isn't it cool to listen and  talk with someone
 who has a passion for making products, 
artisanal, small batch,
high quality products to sell and share?
Don't you love the (sometimes funky) quaint
packaging and labels?
I sure do.
 Am I going to indulge in everything (or anything)
because it sounds exotic or ingredients rare? No.
But I do enjoy looking, smelling, tasting
items which have been developed
from hand me down or secret recipes
or those from experimentation of the senses.
After reading the latest edition of 
I decided I had to share 
the passion for artisanal products.

The takeaway though is,we do not need 
to go to Paris for chocolates, NYC for coffee
or Italy for honey, etc etc-
 but, we can be inspired
and remind ourselves this passion can be found
without looking much further than our 
own locales (and backyards of course).