Saturday, September 25, 2010

From Garden to Glass : Bloody Mary

via Sloshed
This time of year brings 
bushels of  fresh, luscious,
unctuous heirloom tomatoes.
We're all familiar with caprese salads,
margarita pizzas and the like.
How about taking it up a notch and making 
a meal in a glass?
I love a good bloody mary-
depending on the time of year,
well doctored V-8 will suffice,
but this time of year how can we not
 take advantage of all these gorgeous gifts?
The spices and seasonings are open ended...
fresh basil, cilantro, chiles?
The more garnishes, the better...
add a couple of endive spears, prawns...
and call it a salad.
I've done a little research...
and this recipe from Sloshed (hello)
does a tomato proud.
Whether it's brunch, lunch or dinner,
the time is right, don't you think?