Friday, September 3, 2010

Love's Labor in the Garden

We've been very lucky...
 in the garden this year.
 In many ways, the bounty is 
just getting started- but, with the warmish/ hot days
 of August and September, the garden is 
now finally, in full swing. 
For a backyard gardener and her family,
it is such a treat- really, to toil and watch 
as the plants battle the elements 
(bugs, abnormally cool summer)
while we continue to pamper and prod them 
into sharing their gifts.
Gifts, yes, because when we prepare the soil,
plant or lay seed- you never know
what is in store.
When they start out, the plants 
are little fledglings that we baby and as the 
Spring / Summer progresses, 
their limbs become stronger,
the flowers are pollinated and suddenly,
what feels like overnight,
  there are budding little fruits.

Of course, before you know it,
things start to get a little wild and woolly,
but, that again is part of the fun.
 In reality, the growing and nurturing season is 
SO much longer than the picking 
season (at least that's what it feels like)
but the picking season is so rewarding!
Fresh herbs and baby sungold tomatoes
for the morning eggs? Sure.
Weekend night of homemade pizza with
fresh arugula? Check
Just picked, grilled zucchini? You bet.
Enough tomatoes for our favorite salads,
a few sauces and still some to oven dry.
Crisp cucumbers with ...everything.
New additions bring a
sense of surprise,
four different types of peppers,
cipollini onions
and artichokes!
Of course, I am already beginning to consider 
some choices  for the fall winter,
but. for now we will keep busy
laboring over and enjoying this
summer's bounty.