Monday, September 27, 2010

What Goes Round Comes Round

Do you still listen to or collect vinyl records?
I just read a great article in the 
got me thinking...back.
Both my husband Ross and I have had a love
of vinyl....and (popular if not underground)
 music in general-
he a bit more of the acquiring nature.
I tend to be more 
of a radio person, but I collected my share.
In the olden (B&W) days, department stores
used to have 'music departments' and many even had 
'listening rooms' where you could go and 
listen/preview new records before buying.
My sister (holla Di) worked for Tower Records-
and I will say- Ross and I both pale in comparison
to her knowledge and passion.
Yes, we still have our records,
 (except those we've LOANED out) 
we will never give these up-
they have always had a special spot, 
a favorite was a closet in an apt in SF-
(walk in), with the stereo set up adjacent to LPs
head phones (always killer) at the ready... 
close the door, turn up the volume and...
 you are, well,  whoever want you want to be.
Our turn table may be  waiting for a new needle, but,
we have (ok,Ross) made good use of some favorite
records with the use of a USB turntable.
Turning your albums into CDs is
very convenient.... but not quite the same.
There is something cool, yet comforting
and nostalgic about thumbing through
 your own or (other's) used records.
The photos, artwork, verbiage...
Think about it, other than the
obvious (music) each jacket is like a 
snapshot to a memory in time.
You can pick up any of your favorite
albums, languish and easily be transported
to another time and place.
Whether it's a flea market
record store or maybe your own collection,
remember, age is only a state of mind.