Friday, September 24, 2010

The Calendar Says it's Fall...

I love fall, in my heart, it is 
my favorite season.
There's just this little problem living in 
California (or most of the West) we really 
don't have a Fall- per se.
Cool blustery afternoons, sweaters, not quite.
What we have here is Indian Summer-
the sun is low and hot.
I've known real Summer would eventually end-
over the last six months-
 I've toiled in and watched
our garden grow, evolve and share 
more gifts than I really thought possible.
 The garden has been my 
home away from home and I have been 
very aware of shorter/longer/shorter days
temperature spans and so many of the challenges
which are companion to nature.
Due to a rather cool summer,
there have been signs that 
'change' was at hand-albeit, a bit early.
A few weeks ago we started noticing 
the leaves on the trees around town 
had a red tinge to them and our vegetable beds
and side yard (which are adjacent to our neighbors
five oak trees) were covered like a carpet
with leaves. Even still, I kept thinking,
'wait. no, fall...really?'
I used to be so excited that 'Fall' was coming- 
only to be disappointed by triple digit temps.
I never really embraced Indian Summer-
"too hot" for those layers of clothes
 waiting to be worn..
 But this year I will embrace 
it all, my neighbors leaves, warm days at the beach,
transitional menus, 
 the last of the tomatoes, peppers
and cucumbers, I will relish the colorful zinnias 
I grew from seed and continue to 
 bring in the 'harvest' hued
flowers I planned just for now.
I will not fly a flag heralding autumn leaves
but I will enjoy the sound they make on a 
crisp morning walk.