Friday, October 29, 2010

Field Trip: Scavenger Hunt

I love the idea: the game of hunt and fetch
as much as the next gal-you know-
Ross, TJMax, Target etc.
And yes, we've done a little time selling at a 
flea market...
"no, sorry we DON"T have any guns 
or ammunition" (just discarded Anne Klein).
So, when my son asked me to go with him to a salvage yard
 when searching for parts to 
'make' a smoker (BBQ )....
I thought -"hell yeah".
However, I wasn't prepared for what I saw-
 and from what I hear now, this was child's play.
Have you ever been to one?
First of all, shoes required. First Clue.
It was like a permanent, hard core,  flea market without clothes--
 junk, junk parts, discards
scrap metal, close out purchases- of stuff-stuff.!
I loved the  ancient computer moniters- I left thinking
 "hmm, do they BUY those?"

There was an aisle or several, of discarded things "The Army" doesn't need...

I of course, was drawn to the rows of 'new'
 (where'd they get those?) garden equipment and stuff..

There was a shed the size of a football field full of -
screws, nuts, bolts - old, unused, stuff!.

Honestly, almost, everywhere I looked,
I saw something that sent up a flag warning:
you might need this= good price!

In the back was a dirt yard filled with 
huge, I don't know, landscaping, building scrap, trash bins,
and I kept thinking CUJO 
should be bounding out any minute...
 and I would bolt (to my Rendezvous)!
And yet....
Luckily, we were not eaten alive,
 the vibe- ( her clothes match?) friendly and 
we came away with what 'we' were looking for:
a huge (oil?) drum, L brackets, sheet metal,
and enough visual memories to bring us (me) 
back again..

On a similar but different note, I BEG OF YOU....
check out what my friends at
Yardsale Bloodbath have been up to
seriously, it'll make you own place feel like
Winsor Castle!
No regrets, ever.