Monday, October 25, 2010

Food Groups

There's some new Grub coming to town-
offering two of my favorite food groups 
and serving til late o' clock.
Like everyone, I have some favorite foods.
Yes, I'm always saying I could live on roasted vegetables,
 brown rice and broth (that's probably not going to happen)
but really, two of my favorite food groups are
macaroni n cheese and burgers. 
There are a couple of restaurants, that when  I go,
it's so difficult to decide between the two and I usually 
end up talking Ross into splitting both or at the very least,
getting an order of cheesy noodles for the table-
to share of course.
 It is my humble philosophy,
that one can often judge a restaurants talents based on 
the fabrication of these alone.  Now, anyone who
 knows me,  knows that I am not a proponent 
of overly designed, reduced, pretentious, architectural
food but even Thomas Keller
understands the importance of a good burger
and where do you think
 truffle mac n cheese got it's start? 
I digress.
Grub is opening this week
and they've got me so dialed in.
The heart of Grub's menu is built around
It looks like no matter your taste or mood
they'll have it covered.
Variety is the spice of life, right?
and now with Grub, the only glitch
will be narrowing down the choices. 

758 Valencia Street @ 18th
415 431 4782