Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From Heaven to Earth

Recently at our dinner table, there came
a discussion of religion, I KNOW-
It was all pretty much ok though,
because, it was all... 'family'.
We (at the table) do not all come by it (religion) naturally.
Some, have discovered it late in life,
some have abstained... by choice,
some follow a church of openness and tolerance.
Recently, one person ventured into another's church 
and was somewhat surprised by what she found...
The discussion, that ensued, was heartfelt;
like a two lane road, there will always be separation.
Too much of the time, though, religious ideas are
 accepted as the 'gospel truth'--
even when there is a
lack of tolerance and acceptance,
 How though,  especially, nowadays
Even a few of our favorite shows have
broached the subject:
Questions are good, they keep us on our feet...
and I have many.
That is not to say, I don't believe....I do.
the ebb and flow of the ocean,
white horses-
above all though, 
it is the here and now...
the faith in love, acceptance  and 
forgiveness which prevails.
and will prevail.