Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Get's Better Project

Dan Savage is a columnist and commentator 
who is taking the bull by the horns.
 "Late last month, Savage launched a YouTube channel called the “It Gets Better Project,” which allows gay adults to upload videos of themselves describing the bullying they endured in high school, but also talking about how much better their lives are now. His main motivation, he tells EW, is that happy, successful gay adults are often not allowed to talk to at-risk kids. “Schools would never bring me in or any gay adults in,” he says. “And their parents are often homophobic, which adds to their distress and isolation. It occurred to me that I was waiting for an invitation and waiting for permission, and I didn’t need anyone’s permission anymore because of YouTube and digital video and Twitter and Facebook. I could post a video and look into a camera and directly address these kids before they commit suicide, instead of feeling bad after they commit suicide". (via EW.com)
A project like this is long overdue.
Of course, I hope this movement and effort 
will not only reach out to LGBT teens, but,
to all teenagers, youth  searching and 
dealing with the difficulties of discovering 
their selves and the accompanying socialization hierarchy 
that can be so cruel. (Albeit wrong.)
It is so important for  young people
struggling with their identities, (youth in general)
to have someone (famous or not) who has
 walked the same path, stand up, speak up 
and let them know, It get's better.

The project is based on YouTube 
and already there are several
pages of videos with 
compassionate, encouraging words.  

Sharing,  sincerity , inspiration.