Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Most of the time, most of us 
are lucky enough to be a friend, 
to share friends, to have friends.
Right now, I am counting myself in
to all the categories  above.
It really became apparent this weekend.
Friday night we were at a friend's 
birthday party - 60's theme-
 "come as you were then, not as you are now".
She is one of those peoples
who has kept up and very close with so many 
from school, work, life experiences and is constantly
sharing herself, her home, her knowledge, her wit
with those she cares. The party was a mix of ages,
lifestyles, stories, melded together with warmth,
 laughter, good  food and lots of cheer. 
 Friendship, folly, everything was contagious.
On Sunday morning, I got a request from a very special
friend (of 30 years) on FB. We first met in 1980-
young and in retail (the chic kind) and kindled a 
personal and professional friendship 
that was constant with myself and Ross
for a good 15 years, in the last 15 maybe not so much - 
part of it logistics part of it, well, life.
We caught up a bit last year and now,
 with FB (thanks Mark Zuckerberg) it will 
be easier to stay in touch..
On Sunday evening, we were at our friends
Jim and Patti's. They have just moved back here after a long
hiatus and after 26 years we are living in the 
same city again.There is a history here too, for Ross
knew them well before I showed up.
We share a lot of commonalities,
retail, kids, a love of food, but,
it is the mutual support and teenage type laughter
I cherish the most. 
So after an evening of Sequence, jabbing
a great meal and bawdy laughs, we got
to looking through some of their old albums (LPs).
So much fun, each one bringing up for one or all 
memories, emotions.
pop, rock,psychedelic and so much in between.
We only got through two of the crates- I'm sure we'll do more...
we've got a turntable! 
But like I've said before, albums-
their covers and the music inside are like snapshots
to times. places, people and memories,
but it's friendship that goes round, comes round 
and keeps the circle strong.