Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here we Go Giants, Here We Go!

The San Francisco Giants are in the playoffs
for the first time in seven years, and,
even I'm excited!
Now I am not a fair weather friend, but,
I am a fair weather fan, I admit it,
and for the record, so is everyone else in this house.
Unlike our friends, The Spencer's who are
die hard supporters. They are the type of fan who sticks with 
the team through the ups and the downs.
I am not a stranger to the game though-in high school,
 by best friend Jan and I
kept score for the Varsity baseball  team...
the coach was one of our teachers- putting 
in a little effort never hurt the grade-
we also helped the swimming coach (French).
Some people love going to the games and watching
with the fans in the stadium, I can never 
figure out why really, baseball stadiums always seem 
so breezy and in San Francisco, on the water,
a bit brisk to say the least, 
With that said though, AT&T Park is quite 
beautiful, has some fantastic views and
The choices are ridiculous here... garlic fries, sausages,
crab sandwiches, brisket, pulled pork
and of course perennial favorites,
let's not forget the important part... yes, that's right-
wine, beer and cocktails!!
Whether taking in the elements and watching on the jumbotron
or rooting on a more intimate scale- the family TV,
 really for me, the best part of baseball
is all about friends, food and fun.
So, I've promised not to talk
except during commercials, follow
Patti's lead on the cheering,
 don a few pieces of orange and black.
and keeping my fingers crossed, they can take