Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two Cute Kids and a Costume

I love everything (except the scary stuff)
about Halloween. 
The decorations, the candy,
school parties and parades.
It's so fun to see the light and excitement
in the faces of young ones, when they put 
on and become,their costume.
Candy wars which ensued afterwards
will not be discussed here.
This is a shameless pictorial essay
of my kids in some-- but not all of their 
costumes over the years.
Princess She Who Walks In The Rain

                                                               Bumble Bee

Crayon and Devil

                                 Cowboy and Wednesday (homemade costumes!)

                                                                 Pirate and Kitty
                                                                   Witch and Ninja
                                                     That P was half of a 'salt and pepper' look

                                                           Where's Wald0 and a Cheerleader

                                                        Obviously, our's is the one in the suit.

                                           I think this around the time they dressed and
                                                        performed at the talent show -
                                                -as The Beatles - it was a '60's thing.                                                                    
                                            Three stooges, same suit as werewolf
 -2 costumes that year!
Boys will be boys will be boys.

Cheers to all of the Dorothys, Power Rangers,
ghosts and goblins that will walk our path...