Monday, November 1, 2010

Falling Into The Season

November 1st...
 Fall is here, everywhere, all around.
Lately, I've taken to morning walks in a
neighborhood that is rich with history and the foliage,
especially the trees are full, stately and rich with
colors and textures.
Fall is that time of year when the changing of the seasons
is so apparent above your head,
the colorful canopy of autumn hues
and below, the crunch of dried, fallen leaves.
If spring is a season of  opening the arms ...
outside gardening, patios and swings,
  then Fall is a season of
of hide and seek...
into our homes we go, layers
of curtains, flavors of foods,
the light of candles.
Fall always feels too short for me.
I relish, the colors and the first scents
of wood burning fireplaces,
the leaves strewn from the wind, the attempted,
 yet discarded piles.
Yes, there is a so long to the
jovial freedom, growing of spring and summer,
but the quiet, colorful calm of fall
is a welcome change...
and one I will savor as long as it's here.

photo via la porte rouge