Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's For Lunch?

8351 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
This casual SoCal burger joint inhabits a bright yellow Amtrak passenger car from the 1920s, and its white- and red-paneled walls sport old framed black-and-whites documenting its disco-era construction. T-shirted tourists and local die-hards order at the counter and grab napkins from a bathroom towel dispenser at the end of the line. Trademark burgers and hot dogs are served in cardboard boxes, often drenched in chili and accompanied by bottled beer or lemonade in a paper cup. - Citysearch

Photo via Flickr: bORjAmATiC

Well, YESTERDAY November 16th,
was National Fast Food Day- who knew?
I wish they would have mentioned 
this on the 6'clock news-the night before!
Here's a peek at what we could've  indulged in...
had we been in LA (SF trumped yet again).

Zankou Chicken
Various Locations

Spit-roasted chicken attracts most of the attention, and deservedly so. Tender, moist and permeated with flavor, it's rotisserie roasted to crisp perfection. But the rest of the menu easily meets or beats the bird. Soujouk is an Armenian beef sausage that takes the term spicy to new heights--not simply hot, it's a marvelous melange of fiery flavors combined with subtler nuances. Then there are the sides--tabbouleh, hummus, zippy stuffed grape leaves and a divinely addictive mutabbal (baba ghanouj). - Citysearch

Photo via Flickr: Mike Saechang

Original Tommy's Hamburgers
Various Locations

When Mom cooks, the extra ingredient is love. When Tommy's cooks, the secret's in the chili. Give in to your inner glutton and enjoy a meaty burger smothered in the orange, gloppy stuff. The medium-thick beef patty oozing chili con carne, cheddar cheese and mustard redeems itself with diced raw onion, dill pickles and a thick-cut slice of beefsteak tomato. Perfectly plumped all-beef dogs, hefty tamales and chunky golden fries are absolutely delicious when coated with the industrial-strength chili. - Citysearch

Photo via Facebook: Original Tommy's

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Kind of makes you rethink that 
turkey roll up from home, right?