Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Times Gone By

For some reason, the fall season 
 nostalgia reigns, hence the perfect timing for the release
of Lesley M.M. Blume's book
Ms. Blume is an author, journalist and cultural observer
with a column (of same name) at The Huffington Post
regarding all things nostalgic.
The book is at once, whimsical, charming and 
very educational.
With her feet firmly planted in the present and
 an acknowledgement to her love of 
 modern trappings, such as iPods, Spanx and Starbucks,
she celebrates hundreds of forgotten
objects, pastimes, curiosities recipes, words,
architectural works and personnas-
that could (or should) be brought back today.
Here are a few pictorial suggestions
as taken from her column... 
Double  features.
All white tennis clothes
Lovely leisurely evening walks
Good posture
Supper Clubs
Sunday roasts

So true, right?