Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NYC Prophecies and Life Underground

Last Bastions: Subway Cars and Ligers from whyareyouonmytrain on Vimeo.

If you've never been to NYC, don't bother 
to read this.
I love NYC and have spent a fair amount 
of time there. My favorite mode of transportation
is walking, next would be the subway.
It is at once a monster, a haven,
wrapped up in a labyrinth of curiosities.
I love the smell, the unknown, the danger,
that rush of air you feel when the train is approaching,
the anonymity, and of course the 
platform for creativity.

Back in August, 2  aspiring actresses, Alli and  Jen,
 started a blog project  called 
where there put questions to everyday riders
and post the videos once a week.
You are at once transported by the sounds,
and all of the senses really.
In his three year old blog called
Subway Art Blog, Joseph Romano
who is known as Jowry, chronicles
through short texts and photographs,
 a hauntingly accurate documentation
of the creative energies of life underground.
He chronicals everything from the improv,
These are not the only albums
of life underground at MTA.
The New York Times recently devoted a 
whole section to the subway system
and it is rich with stories, tips
and the wealths beyond gold.
Life is always greener on the other side
but I KNOW those who commute by subway 
are really, the lucky ones.