Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Selby Visits Tom Sachs

I love Todd Selby's perspective, probably
because I am a voyeur at heart.
From my love of reality TV to photo essays 
like The Selby, I can never get enough of
 people and their spaces..
Recently, Todd visited Tom Sachs-
 the sculptor with a conceptual bent,
 at his studio in NYC.
Isn't it cool to see into the world of
the artist and their creative space-
it's like a peek into the creative side of their brain.

From his early work for Frank Gehry and window designs
at Barneys (Hello Kitty nativity) to
his obsession  with the space and Apollo  programs,
his work has been  tinged
with consumerism, branding and the cultural obsession for products.
From Hermes, Tiffany and  Knoll to
McDonalds and even Bart Simpson,
not much is sacred or above regeneration.
Clever, bright, provocative.
Tom's work has shown at the Gagosian, as well as
Lever House, international galleries
and now, The Selby.