Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Best Pizza...via You

I recently just came across this great new idea from 
Marc Bello...DIY pizza at his place called
Super clever, right? So many people love pizza but are intimidated
with the concept of making it themselves. 
 During his  four hour long classes he "equips pizza lovers with the knowledge and tools necessary to make fantastic thin crust pizzas at home. We feature the finest in pizza making gear for the home pizza chef and weekly classes sharing the secrets of pizza making perfection in a home oven." 

Very commendable.

we've been putting out flatbread  pizzas with great ingredients
from our kitchen for a long time, you know the ingredients,
artisan cheeses, arugala, grilled onions, prosciutto, kalamata olives, etc etc.
and I've made tons of dough using my cuisinart, although 
not an authentic process,
 always, delicious, if I do say so myself.

But the other evening, we decided we needed a fix of our favorite pizza

Well I happen to have two can do kids who love to cook
and are not afraid to take anything on at the drop of a hat.
So my daughter, Alycia,
 does some sleuthing, finds the
 Delfina recipe and whips up a
batch of  dough by hand.
And before we know it, eating fabulously thin
home version of lusciousness.

Trust Me...

Here is the recipe for the easiest
and best pizza dough -ever.

Just add your own touch and
wine, right?