Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not Just Stick Figures

I love the new work by artist

Venue_writeup_open_quotes The thing about Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia is that, although nearly all his creative projects involve paint at some point, he's not really a painter. He's a conceptualist — which is to say that even when he does make actual paintings, as with the current series at CB1, it's because that is what was required in the service of a larger idea. In the case of by Deborah Calderwood, the idea is both straightforward and fraught with personal and aesthetic peril. Basically, he found a stash of drawings in his in-laws' attic that his now-wife, Deborah, had made in grade school, and set about remaking them in a slightly more complex idiom. Wrestling with his instincts as a professional artist in order to access the childlike bravado and glee of the (astonishingly mature) originals, he produces a series of quirky, hybridized versions that speak to the vast differences between true naïveté and an acquired outsider stance.Venue_writeup_close_quotes Shana Nys Dambrot

I find his work in this series,
 endearing, fascinating and sophisticated.
In terms of sophistication, 
I think there is (for me)  a 
complex undercurrent, 
yet, clean, modern  and vibrant.

Take a look at Segovia's website and Flavorpill to 
learn more about 
this artist and to view more of his work.