Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wholesome Gifts

After a fabulous weekend filled with fun drinks 
and outrageous food (more about that later in the week!),
I thought I would gift my family with  a dinner dish that is
full of whole grains, lentils, vegetables and lot's of flavor.
The dish, called 'Warm Asparagus Salad'
is from one of my favorite food blogs-
Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Morris, who, by her own account,
is "a food loving, health craving, veggie fiend, 
who enjoys the culture of enjoying a meal with friends and family. 
Whole, clean cooking that is about the food at hand."  
I love the fact that she sees food and cooking as an art,
not a science. Her dishes are always healthy and  flavorful
while  nurturing body and soul. 
The photography by her 'love' Hugh always leaves you craving more.
 The beauty to this salad is that it incorporates both lentils
 and brown rice- which when used together creates a complete protein.
She combines these with asparagus (I roasted mine)
and a divine pesto made with basil, mint and walnuts.
Please visit Sprouted Kitchen for this and other 
wholesome gifts for your self and those you love.